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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just a quick blog to show one of our basic dinners here in Gajnice. They have a very nice little fish market here that has fresh fish. We went there recently and bought some sea bass, or "brancin", which looks different than the sea bass in SoCal to me. I always bought fillets in SoCal, but the fish was from a much larger fish there. The one here is just as tasty, though. And undoubtedly far fresher.

A new beer discovery from the local store, Konzum. Sarajevsko is a decent light lager. Nothing fantastic, but drinkable.

The food layout. Fresh bread, tomatoes with garlic, basil and local olive oil for dipping the bread, "mladi luk" or young onion and "rotkvice" or radishes, a spinach dish and potato dish made by Nara.

Simply prepared, just fried in some olive oil with vegeta, a local salt mixture.

A bit browned, but still tasty!

I've started to get noticed by a lot of people interested in Croatia. Some are expats living here in Croatia, some are Americans who hope to move here and want to ask questions. I've gotten e-mail from maybe half a dozen in the last couple of weeks. I usually try to help and answer whatever questions I can.

One such encounter was with They asked me to fill out a questionnaire, which I did.

If you're curious, click to picture for the link: