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Friday, April 18, 2008

So, wow. I FINALLY received an absentee ballot from California for a Democrat primary there. The bummer is, it's not the presidential one, which happened in early February.

I had followed the advice on the American government's website about registering to vote overseas. This just meant downloading a form and sending it in to the proper address in California. I had HOPED to vote in the primary for Barack Obama. I registered really early, like early in November. It was recommended that I do it by January 1st or something, and I did it way, way earlier than that. So I figured I was in good shape. But the ballot never showed up.

I was bummed. Obama lost California. But I gave him a lot of money for his campaign.

And now, a ballot finally shows up, but it's for some local bullshit that I don't know anything about, like city council and judges and such. I don't live there, I don't know any of this shit. But I'll probably read a bit and vote anyway so that they see I voted and make sure they give me a ballot when the November election comes.

And the ballot was addressed to "Zagrep". Hahahaha!

So, it's not just Croatia that has bullshit, slow bureaucracy. Speaking of which, we've had to give them even more paperwork and have to return to MUP yet again today. And then we'll have to go again in a few weeks. I'll have my visa eventually. Maybe by the time Obama is president.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm up for an Eagle Award for best colorist. And my buddy Declan Shalvey is up for best new artist. Go vote for us, willya? Anyone can vote.

Eagle Awards

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My wrist has been fucked the last two days. Again. It's a bit different this time, though. It hurts on the middle of the top of my wrist. Last time it was more over to the side. But still, it's pretty sore.

Naturally, what I should do is work less to let it heal. But that ain't happening. I just have too much work to do right now. And I can't quit any of these jobs and leave these folks hanging. But I will have to ease back a little where I can.

Wsh me luck that it doesn't get worse.

Friday, April 04, 2008

With Bush arriving in Zagreb today, I'll take another brief detour into commenting on politics. I usually avoid it on this blog. But here he comes, so I gotta say something.

I hate his fucking guts. I am not a Presidential historian, so I cannot accurately say that he's the worst President the US has ever had, but I *can* say that he is definitely the worst, by far, in my lifetime. It's not just that he's right wing. I am left wing, so yes, that *is* an issue. But there have been other right wing Presidents who weren't so fucking evil. His father, for one, was okay. But Bush Jr, or "Shrub" is not even loyal to his own supposed principles. He is not conservative financially. He spends our money like a drunken sailor and has gotten us into serious financial trouble. He's also authoritarian. He's the furthest from a Libertarian that you can possibly get. And he's fucking retarded. We have a far right wing, authoritarian and retarded President in the States.

I could go on and on and on and explain all of the stuff he's done wrong. But there's not really too much point in doing that. If you've lived on Earth for the last 7 years, then you already know at least some of the stupid, inane shit that he's done. But as an expat living in Zagreb, where he's visiting, I'm speaking up and saying I don't support you. I don't want you as our President. You're an embarrassment. The sooner you're not only out of the White Office, but out of the press, the better. Hopefully some of the bad karma you have built up over the years comes back to bite you in the ass. And we don't want you in Zagreb. So fuck off and go back to Crawford. Take some English lessons so somebody can understand what the fuck it is you're *trying* to say.

And, BTW, go Obama! Fuck McCain and all the war mongers.