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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tales of Croatia. Part Eight.

Entire story takes place from late May to late June in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Omiš, Split, Vodice
and Tribunj, Croatia, as well as Slovenia.


Continued from part seven...


Esad on the West side of the wall.

The next day we had our usual day, wandering around. Hit the beach again, lunch at the same place again etc. At the fish restaurant, we saw one of the ugliest women any of us had ever seen. The picture simply does NOT do her justice. When she walked by when we were eating, I saw her first and was immediately taken aback. I said to Esad and Sasho who had their backs to her, that there was someone walking by and I could not tell if it was a man or a woman. Sasho turned around, saw her and audibly gasped without any sarcasm. He was shocked by her appearance. I started laughing at his response and it became infectious and none of us could stop laughing. She sat near, but in the distance, at a table selling her needlepoint. She had not noticed us, so we didn't need to feel guilty about the response we had. But, it was genuine mirth and did us all some good.

Yes, that's the ugly woman. Mustache and all. No, that's not shading, it IS a mustache. She yawned at one point and looked like a walrus, I swear!

It was a nice leisurely day. We kind of didn't go too crazy as we were tired from the heavy night the night before, and we all wanted to watch at least two football games per day if we could. There were three a day at that point, at 3PM, 6PM and 9PM.

We then did the entire wall tour again, this time with the Irish girls. Took our time a bit more, took photos and just enjoyed the view of this great city.

For dinner, we were joined by Iva and her Serbian friend, and one other Serbian girl. We ate and hung out, one final time at our favorite fish restaurant, then off to the cafe and another night of drinking. Lather, rinse repeat. You know, same kinda night, but no dance club this night. We walked by the area where the lady had jumped and saw a memorial of candles and flowers laid out.

Dubrovnik has these birds that fly around at night. Sometimes during the day too, but mostly at night. They're loud, diving birds. The Irish girls kept thinking they were bats and were disturbed by them, but they were birds. And they were fascinating, flying around at 3 in the morning. The city is empty that late, and we wandered around in abandoned streets in the inner city.

The city is also a very old city, and often the stench of sewage comes up. It's not constant, though, but it does come up sometimes. It's very touristy in it's way, but still, it remains an old city with a lot of charm to it. It ain't no Disneyland, that's for sure.

Esad gives my nipples some attention.

Football in Dubrovnik.

Birds eye view of me, eh?

End of Part Eight.

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