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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That took a bit of effort.

I switched my web hosting service late last summer when I created my website. And I never got around to getting rid of the old one, which was Yahoo. The reason I switched was that I was using Joomla to create my new website and Yahoo does not allow you to use files that begin with a dot in the file name. Joomla uses MySql databases which require a file called ".htaccess", so I couldn't use it on Yahoo. That, and once I started looking, I found a better provider for FAR cheaper for FAR more storage space.

But, all the pictures in this blog were hosted on Yahoo. And going back and changing every link was gonna be a pain, so I delayed. That is, until this week when it was reported that Microsoft will buy Yahoo. Well, fuck Microsoft. I think they suck and will make it even worse. And I don't wanna give them my money, so I went and did all this work finally.

Here's how I did it, to try to make it not all that painful:

I manually backed up the entire blog into one text file for each entry and named each file with the date. Okay, that took a little bit of time but not that bad. Mostly just a copy paste. I then wrote a very short Python program to switch the URL for the photos. This python program opened each text file and did a search and replace, basically. It then saved the file back out. Writing that program took about 10 minutes. It made it so that I didn't have to manually change anything. Then, when I opened each text file, it was already fixed. So, I just copied and pasted it back into the blog and the blog is now fixed.

Still, it was some effort. But now I have gotten rid of Yahoo. If you see any dead links or anything on the blog, please let me know.


Marie said...

Oh no. You've just made me realize that I'll have to slowly migrate off Yahoo. it's just e-mail but any change that involves notifying others can be frustrating. Argh!

Daniel said...

Congratulations! Nice work.