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Friday, April 04, 2008

With Bush arriving in Zagreb today, I'll take another brief detour into commenting on politics. I usually avoid it on this blog. But here he comes, so I gotta say something.

I hate his fucking guts. I am not a Presidential historian, so I cannot accurately say that he's the worst President the US has ever had, but I *can* say that he is definitely the worst, by far, in my lifetime. It's not just that he's right wing. I am left wing, so yes, that *is* an issue. But there have been other right wing Presidents who weren't so fucking evil. His father, for one, was okay. But Bush Jr, or "Shrub" is not even loyal to his own supposed principles. He is not conservative financially. He spends our money like a drunken sailor and has gotten us into serious financial trouble. He's also authoritarian. He's the furthest from a Libertarian that you can possibly get. And he's fucking retarded. We have a far right wing, authoritarian and retarded President in the States.

I could go on and on and on and explain all of the stuff he's done wrong. But there's not really too much point in doing that. If you've lived on Earth for the last 7 years, then you already know at least some of the stupid, inane shit that he's done. But as an expat living in Zagreb, where he's visiting, I'm speaking up and saying I don't support you. I don't want you as our President. You're an embarrassment. The sooner you're not only out of the White Office, but out of the press, the better. Hopefully some of the bad karma you have built up over the years comes back to bite you in the ass. And we don't want you in Zagreb. So fuck off and go back to Crawford. Take some English lessons so somebody can understand what the fuck it is you're *trying* to say.

And, BTW, go Obama! Fuck McCain and all the war mongers.


Matt Camp said...

How dare you?!?! He's a hero! It's odd but even my conservative Christian parents hate the guy now, the worm has turned.

You coming to NYCC or what, I miss you two.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, I know some Republicans who hate him too. They usually feel like he's not really conservative, which is true.

I won't be in the States at all this year. I have a wedding to attend during NY and will be spending a big chunk of the summer at the sea here rather than in San Diego. Maybe next year!

Dec said...

Hey Matt, sorry to get off subject, but you've been nominated for an Eagle Award. Don't believe me? How dare you doubt me!

You got my vote!


Matt Hollingsworth said...

Self promoting, eh? I see a familiar Irish name on that list too. Congrats! Youse gots me.

Dec said...

That was a random coincidence ....nothing more ........(cough!)

Ah seriously tho, I thought I'd give you a heads up bout the Eagle. Then again, maybe you're sick of adding to that awards list o' yours!



Matt Hollingsworth said...

Not as big as you think! I've only actually won 3 comics awards (well unless I try to hunt down a lot of little ones), one Eisner and two UKCAC. I'm often nominated then always lose.

Now, for brewing beer, I've won far more awards. 17 total, 12 of them gold. Woo hoo! And that was all in one year.