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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heh heh. Of course, as soon as I returned home, I became antsy. These things were already in the works, but I'm in the middle of confirming upcoming trips to Belgrade, Dublin and Thailand. Nice. While I have to work like a DOG for the next few months, I can squeeze in a little travel. Then the big Thailand trip will come early next year after I wrap up all of my current jobs except for Daredevil. Of course I will stay on Daredevil, but all of the other gigs are short series and they end. Which frees me up for a full month in Thailand just when winter here is at its worst.


Meanwhile, it really IS good to be home. Just wish I had a little less work at the moment. Still, that money will pay for the traveling and much will also be saved. Retirement account, baby!

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