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Saturday, September 20, 2008

What have I been up to, you may be wondering? Where has Matt gone? We miss him so!

Uh, yeah.

I have mostly been working like a dog. Well, dogs don't work. I've been working like an American, then, I guess. We returned from the sea nearly 6 weeks ago now. And I have been working the entire time, with no days off. The cosmic balance of the universe is evened out, yin and yang restore order after my six weeks at the sea. We leave town on Tuesday for a little break in Belgrade, Serbia, and by that time I will have colored 7 books in 6 weeks. Them's a lotta books!

We're heading to Serbia to attend a comics show put on by my pal Dejan. I am a special guest and will have an exhibition of my work there, which is a first. And I will be giving a talk too. Wanna come join us?

The site is here:

In my talk I will go over my workflow in Photoshop for painting comics. I'll cover a lot of different aspects of this workflow, though have no notes planned out. I generally just wing it and it works out well. I hate notes. And the exhibition will feature something like more than 40 digital pages, a number of original blue lines from Grendel Tales and a few prints from the Fantastic Four films, which I worked on as an effects artist.

I have also been giving away a little of the money I am earning. Some has gone to Barack Obama. I loathe the Republicans and cannot stand the thought of McCain winning. It's against everything I believe in. And Obama is a great candidate and I have liked what I've heard from him for the last year.

And on that note, I have also voted already. I received my absentee ballot and voted via fax. Yes, the future has arrived. Let's hope Obama wins.


Marie said...

I sure would like to be there to see that talk.

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey man, commiserations on the Harveys. Laura Martin? Doesn't she already have one?

dzuka said...

we want belgrade update with lots of embarassing pics!!!

Daniel said...

Let's hope that your vote does not get counted as "McCain/Palin" due to a "failure in software for counting ballots"

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Well, that's retarded. Don't know what media your reading. But I am not in the least bit worried about my vote counting. And anyway, I voted in California, which Obama will win overwhelmingly. Not a chance in hell of McCain winning there.

There aren't very many Belgrade pictures, actually. There are SOME, but not a lot.