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Friday, October 17, 2008

Now it's time to finally post some of those pictures from the Makarska show, MaFest, from this year. There are a lot of pictures, of course. But I'll make my way through them here. MaFest is a comic show that we attend every May in Makarska.

The faces of Esad, Goran and Dejan are all deformed from violent shaking back and forth. See the video in an earlier post.

Talaja likes to get close when he's sketching.

Talaja, thinking about Israel.

Everybody did sketches except for Jamie Delano and me. We're not drawrers.

Jamie Delano gives good interview.

Talaja came out of the closet as a gay wrestler who plays basketball on this trip. Thinking about Israel too much finally made him snap.

I think he's ready for wrestling, basketball or maybe even tennis.

Esad, Tico, me and Talaja at lunch in Makarska.

Esad attacks his dessert.

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dzuka said...

these are hilarious!!!! : P