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Friday, October 05, 2007

Seems that NATO and EU authorities now fear that violence may break out in Kosovo. They've asked Croatia to make sure that the borders of neighboring EU countries are secure in the case of some mass exodus of refugees fleeing any fighting in Kosovo. I don't think there would be many refugees fleeing here to Croatia, but I think the EU and NATO also want those borders secure. And Croatia borders Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. All EU countries.

Some scary buildup is happening in Kosovo.

If my family's reading this, don't worry, okay? I'm not near Kosovo.

Fears of violence in tug-of-war over Kosovo.

U.S. asks Croatia to take any Kosovo refugees: paper.


Marc Hudgins said...

It's the golfers you need to fear.,9171,1666275,00.html

Matt Hollingsworth said...

I don't fear golfers! I *am* one, or at least used to be.

Besides, the article says Croatia aims to donate land used by the military for golf courses. Make golf, not war.