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Saturday, October 20, 2007

While in Dublin, we had tremendous luck. It was pretty sunny and not too cold. No rain at all. The locals told us that they had more than 40 days in a row of rain during the summer. Holy fuck. Must have been during that storm season that was flooding the UK.

Trinity College in Dublin.

Declan hamming it up in Dublin.

Butt ugly building, though with a lot of character.

The streets of Dublin.

One of the main attractions which I enjoyed was a pub called the Porterhouse. It's a brewpub and has a really great interior. They make 9 of their own beers and also sell a ton of others.

Declan and Nara in the Porterhouse.

The Porterhouse.

They had 3 stouts and porters, 3 ales and 3 lagers. Of course, upon arriving there, I decided I'd try all of them in that one day. We had walked a lot and our feet were tired anyway, so we camped out a bit. We had a couple of pints, then went across the street for some Persian food. I had a tasty kebab. I tried to joke around with the cashier, but he was a humorless man. So we just ate then wandered around a bit before returning to the Porterhouse.

The Porterhouse.

The Porterhouse.

Me at the Porterhouse.

The Porterhouse from the exterior.

The Porterhouse is very near the River Liffey, so we walked on the river for a bit and checked out some nearby neighborhoods. It's a city filled with a lot of nice walking areas. But there were also the required riverside drunks hanging out on the Millenium Bridge. Sadly, we had to return to the Porterhouse so we couldn't join them. Instead, we snapped a few quick picks with the aid of Declan.

Nara and me near the River Liffey in Dublin.

Nara and me near the River Liffey in Dublin.

The River Liffey in Dublin.

Nara and Declan in Dublin.

We then returned to the Porterhouse and hung out for the remainder of the evening. Nara's friend Zdravka showed up, then later her friend Jelena also showed up. Declan immediately fell in love with the lovely Zdravka, but it's a tragedy since she's already involved and pregnant. So, naturally, he then fell in love with one waitress after the other. Some additional pictures taken by Declan will be included in a later blog entry.

I ended up trying all of the nine beers, then settled in on the oyster stout as my favorite. They use actual oysters in the production of this stout. It doesn't taste like oyster, curiously, but it's very tasty stuff. I liked all of their beers except two. One was a XXXX stout that was way, way too hoppy for a stout and one was their Temple Brau, which was just an unappealing lager. The rest were top notch and very nice beers. Declan even took a sip of each one as I got it even though he doesn't like beer. He's a cider man.

We stayed there until fairly late, then returned to the house that we were staying at, to go to sleep.

Ah, lovely!

Porterhouse Temple Bar
Google Map to Porterhouse Temple Bar


Dec said...

Zdravka was lovely. As were those waitresses.
It's true .....i fall easily.
Just be glad i didn't fall for you Matt!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Well, drink enough Bullmer's and you never know.

Stephen Thompson said...

Dublin looks a lot better in these photos than it does in real life. Must have a good filter on that camera...

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Naw, no filter. It's a basic Sony digital camera on all automatic settings. You just have the filter of burnout on yer eyes!


Most of the Americans I know with Irish blood romanticize Ireland even when they've been there. Most of the Irish I've met who actually live there say "ah, it's a shithole" or something similar. I thought it was lovely, though with all the rain and cloud cover, I couldn't live there. I had enough cloud cover when I lived in Portland, Oregon for nine years. Enough for a lifetime.

mcn said...

Di je apdejt! Amo to, malo brže!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Sorry man. No time to update right now. I'm leaving for Southern California on Wednesday of next week. So, the blog will be dead for around 3 weeks. I'll get back to it mid December. But, I'll see you Friday night maybe, yeah? Drinks after the show?