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Monday, February 01, 2010

After that, we headed to Lampang and our hotel, which was listed somewhat romantically as being on the river. Well, as it turned out, while I guess it was a river, it was sort of like being on the Los Angeles river. Like a concrete aqueduct. The hotel itself looked decent enough but everyone in our group was complaining of bed bugs the next day. We weren't there long anyway, though. I wouldn't personally recommend Lampang to anyone.

After breakfast we headed towards Chiang Mai and stopped at an elephant park on the way there. The main elephant park had elephant rides, elephants painting and such and was an overall educational park all about elephants.

Elephant painting.

Now if only we can teach them Photoshop!

At the start of our elephant ride here, not that you can see the elephant in this shot!

They also make paper out of the massive amount of elephant dung that's generated by the park's residents. Seems pretty eco friendly and the proceeds go to the park.

Mmm mmm. Poop!

Near the elephant park was an elephant hospital. They showed us a film to educate us about what they do and introduced us to some of their elephants. In the area around the border with Myanmar, people illegally use elephants to haul timber. And in that area, there's a ton of landmines. Once in a while, an elephant gets their foot blown off or is otherwise injured. And this hospital helps those elephants.

You can see his injured foot.

We donated some money to the hospital, bought some shirts and such. And otherwise, we had a pretty nice day. The elephants were pretty cool. Sad to see the injuries sustained by the hospital residents, but nice to see the hospital taking care of them!


scottewen said...

Some great photos, Matt.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Thanks man!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh! I love these elephant people! Elephants are so cool!

I saw a youtube video of elephants painting awhile back. So awesome!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, the hospital was especially cool. Some good people there.

Kylie said...

Hi Matt,

My friend & I are looking at doing the same tour you guys did in Thailand with Intrepid in May this year. What were your overall thoughts on the tour? What was the accomodation like? & were there any really long travel days? We have never been to Thailand before but in '06 did an Intrepid tour to Cambodia & Vietnam so are familiar with their small group travel.


Matt Hollingsworth said...

Hey Kylie. Well, I'd check the weather if I were you. I don't know how it is up there in the north, but it's my understanding that in the south, May to November is the rainy season. And it can be VERY rainy. If I were you, I'd check some weather almanacs on the places you'll be going.

We really loved the tour. Going from memory, the very first day was a bit long, maybe 4-5 hours on the train then some time on other transport. The last day, returning to Bangkok, is 9 hours on the train but is overnight so you sleep.

Accommodation was nice except in Lampang. That place was a disappointment. I think we all liked the homestay up on the way to Chiang Mai the best.

I'd recommend this trip to anyone. We really loved it.

I'll be posting more on the blog here in the next week or so with more pics from the tour too.