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Friday, January 12, 2007

Strange. Everyone warned me to be ready for a freezing winter here in Zagreb. I was born and raised in Southern California, so they all assume I'm a weakling when it comes to dealing with harsh weather. So, naturally, they figured that I'd have a rough time this winter. Me? I thought that having lived in New Jersey for five years and Portland for nine years had prepared me for crappy weather. Sure, I'd been back in SoCal for 4 years, but I like seasonal changes, so didn't mind the thought of a harsh winter.

The weather HAS been crappy for certain periods, but it's mostly just been grey skies or foggy or just generally dreary. Like Portland in some ways, so not too rough and with a helluva lot LESS rain.

This seems to be a record warm winter everywhere, though, and it's no different here. It has not snowed yet. I have seen very little ice at all and it's generally not been below freezing. And now, this week, we've had an entire week of sunny weather and unseasonably warm temperatures. Today, for instance, it's 14 degrees celsius / 58 fahrenheit. I left all of my windows open last night in the living room area and woke up and it was still 20 celsius / 68 fahrenheit in the apartment. Not bad. Today, it's breezy out, sunny, and I have ALL of the windows in the apartment open to get some fresh air in here. Heat's turned off and it's maintaining 20 celsius.

It's made it nicer to wander around and check stuff out. I'd like some snow before I leave in mid February, though.

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Jim Di Bartolo said...


First off let me say how glad I was to see your holiday pix and how happy you look with your friends and girlfriend! Awesome man! :)

I was also glad to see that you're actually quite a bit warmer there than we've been here. We're actually expected to dip down to 16 degrees tonight! (the coldest in years!) The days have been hovering between 30 & 40 and look like they'll continue to do so for at least a week (but at least the lows will be back up in the upper 20's by tomorrow night).

Hmm, is blogging about the weather as bad as talking about it in conversation? If so then we both are guilty!

Things are going well here:
- Laini's first novel comes out in the Spring from Penguin/Putnam (check out my website for the cover & interior illos I did for it),
- she's working on the 2nd book in the series,
- I'm getting some art together for a pitch we're gearing up for to her publisher for a book that'll collect a number of her short stories that she's written over the last year or so,
- PLUS Scott finally hired me to do an issue of a Dark Horse book, so clearly the world is about to end! :) Seriously though, it's been great gearing up to work with him and I'm looking forward to the process cuz I really dig the guy! We still have lunch a couple times a year and while I've always liked him, over the past couple of years or so I've come to see that he's just pretty damn cool.

Anyhow, SO good to know you're doing well & are happy! Of course I'm LOVING your recent work and always look to it for inspiration :)

Later man!