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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For New Years Eve, we stayed local and went to Smart Caffe, the same place we spent Christmas Eve at. Our friends there, Selma and Čiro, had a closed party. We paid an entrance fee, then they supplied tons of tray food; meats and cheese on platters and such. And we could drink whatever we wanted and help ourselves. So, everyone just drank and drank. A great group of folks. It was mostly the same folks as Christmas Eve, but my girlfriend Branka was there too. Her nickname is Nara and most of us call her Nara. So, you may see me use one name or the other. And, Esad is also called Esko and I am called Žujo. Anyway, Nara and I went together and Esad showed up a bit later. Nara and I are both fighting colds, though, so we only lasted until around 2:30AM or so before heading home and collapsing asleep.

Thanks to Čiro and Selma for hosting the party, to everyone who showed up for sharing fun and to everyone who's name I forget and don't put in captions below. I'm dong my best to remember names, but I've had a lot of new ones in the last 6 weeks.

Esad and Nara at Harvest, before the night really begins.

Selma and Čiro dance up a storm.

Beautiful Tea.

The sexy girls, Selma, Tea and Nina.

Tomislav and Domagoj.

Domagoj takes it off.

More dancing on the chairs.



Me and my sweety, Branka, AKA Nara.

Esko and Carmen.

Yeah, me.

Esko has to shit.

Esad, Selma, Me and Domagoj giving me love.

The lovely Selma.

Domagoj grips and pulls.

Do you really want to know what's going on here?

Oh god, no. Please no.

Madman Čiro

He knows.

Lucky and his girl. Somebody tell me her name, would you?

Need help wiht names, please.

The Queen and King.

Nara took many of these photos. So, I'm actually in a few.

This is a good one of Čiro.

The lifting of Lucky.

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