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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From Deutsche Welle:

The success of Balkan music in getting German and European clubbers onto the dance floor is proof that culture doesn't have to spread from west to east. DJs are giving a new sound to the eclectic music with old roots.

People enjoy Balkan music because they can dance to it, said DJ Robert Soko, who emigrated to Germany from what was then Yugoslavia before the Balkan Wars in the mid-1990s.

"People had sort of hit a dead-end as far as new music went," said Soko, whose show is called Balkan Beats. "Suddenly a new sound came along that was danceable. When you mix it well with modern sounds you get a result that works great in clubs.

"It has ethnic or traditional elements that are fused with more modern beats," Soko said, adding that the traditional components can include brass instruments, Oriental sounding semi-tones or Slavic-language texts.

To read the rest of the article, go to the Deutsche Welle website:

Deutsche Welle


Daniel said...

Matt, nedavno sam našao tvoj blog na netu i jako mi se svidio (jedina stvar koja mi smeta je da ima jako puno slika, pa treba vremena da se prikaže). Jako mi je drago da si se snašao, dobio vizu, itd.

Zanima me kako ti ide s hrvatskim, pogotovo što jezik koji se uči u jezičnoj školi nije isti kao govorni. Zato i ovo pišem na hrvatskom.

Ako ti bude trebala takva pomoć (naročito ako budeš imao kakva pitanja u vezi hrvatskog) slobodno mi se obrati!

mcn said...

Di blog ektiviti iz eprišiejtid. >:)

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Thanks guys.

Darko, I'll make an effort. It was a busy summer working on too many comics, with that Halo comic I was on. Eased up now, so trying to post a bit more.

Daniel, thanks for the kind words and offer of help with language. Moja djevojka je ovdje i ona govori hrvatski također, dakle ako trebam pomoć, ona može. Ali, hvala lijepo! Sretan sam da ti smeta slike i blog.