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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yes, it's happened. I'm fed up with western news coverage, finally after all these years.

I've decided to not listen to or watch western news much anymore. Which is not to say that I will stop entirely. But I've always been someone who watches and listens and reads a lot of this stuff. BBC, CNN, Newsweek, Time Magazine, NPR etc etc. The only thing I will really continue with is probably Newsweek, as the European edition has a much more rounded approach than the American one. It shows more about life around the world rather than just covering America.

The thing that primarily really got on my nerves and made me snap is western coverage of China. It seems to me that there is an orchestrated attempt to discredit China. I think it's because the west fears China is going to be the next big power and feels that it must defend itself. I am hearing everywhere about products from China being bad. They'll kill your pets, those evil Chinese (the pet food scare)! They'll kill your children with that lead paint in those toys!

Now, I'm not saying these stories are false. But I am saying they are blown out of proportion to scare westerners. What the fuck? It reminds me of the 70s and 80s when America was afraid of Japan as the next big power. I'm literally hearing some sort of bad shit about China nearly every single day. Here's the news: "Another truck bomb kills 120 in Iraq. The most people killed at once in 2 years. And, more products recalled from China. This time, they're using lithium in baby food, which as you know will really fuck up your precious baby."

Well, fuck that. I'm not listening anymore. That's it. Obviously, being a news junkie of sorts, I will continue to stay in touch and read more. And don't post me some links to some fucking British news source. They're just as fucked as the Americans. And I fucking hate the Daily Show too. Not that it's news. But I still hate that smarmy, snide bullshit that passes as funny. What are they gonna do when Bush is gone? 90% of their show will be gone.

Maybe Al Jazeera will show a more rounded view of the world. Need to get satellite TV. Yes, that's it.

Dr. Who starts on September first on BBC here in Croatia. Maybe that will cheer me up. If not, there's always the second season of Rome on HBO here, also starting around the same time. And Monk, which is on too. Fiction better suits me at the moment.

That's the rant of the day, thank you very much.


dzuka said...

well, i suppose it is orchestrated. and they're worried for a reason. china's so big it can't be ignored. you can corupt it, but can't control it. it's irresistably lucrative, but it will all blow back at their faces.
next year's olimpics' gonna be sooo interesting...
and...despite your warning, here are some links you might find interesting...

Morgan said...

I have taken to only getting my news from a guy that draws twisted illustration on toilet paper and then runs the six or so feet past your face while calling it an 'animation'. He told me that Art Bell and Lenny Kravitz are having a bastard love child who will be tended by Prince Harry Potter.

Matt Camp said...

Support our troops!!!

Love, Matt Camp

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Wow. Three totally individual and different posts!

I'll go with Morgan, I think.