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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'll be away for a while. Early next week my lovely fiancee Nara and I will be heading to a small town called Tribunj on the Croatian Adriatic Coast for a nice, six week vacation.

It's here, if you're curious:

Tribunj on Google Maps

I will be doing some work while there, but not very much. It will be a chance for us to relax away from the city and enjoy the sea. We'll be swimming a lot. I'll be eating a ton of fish, though Nara tells me she won't be eating much at all. She's a girl, you know, and they say these things sometimes. Usually after the boy orders pizza late at night one too many times. Anyway, we'll be there. We'll relax. We'll read a lot. We'll get sweaty and salty. We'll pick figs off the tree and eat those for sure. We'll ride our bikes around. We'll visit the local islands and hang out with the natives. And their spears. Sharp, pointy spears.

I suspect that I may drink some beers too.

But one thing we won't be doing much of is replying to e-mail or surfing the internet. The blog will likely go quiet. As will MySpace and my e-mail account.

We checked on an internet card for the laptops, but it was a rip off. T Mobile and VIP can suck my ass. I'm not paying what they want. Which leaves us with an internet cafe in neighboring Vodice. But I'm not likely to go there very often. And when I do, it'll be mostly to check in with work. And really, this is actually okay. Because if I have internet there, I will have a harder time breaking from routine. This will force me to relax and go outside.

Anyway, the point is to give you all a heads up. I'm alive. But I will be inactive until sometime in the middle of August starting early next week. And this is being posted and sent out early so that I can reply to replies of replies before I leave.

I hope you all have a great summer and that the cannibals don't catch up with you.



Marc Hudgins said...

six weeks vacation ?!

fucking europeans

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Well, no actually. I understated it. We'll be there for 46 days, so really, that's 6 and a HALF weeks or 6 and 4/7 weeks.

Nat Weinham said...

Sounds wonderful! And especially to spend that time with your lovely fiancee Nara! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

mcn said...

That's a terrible sensible decision. I think I'll saty and work instead - Zagreb is lovingly distraction-free during summer.

Have a great vacation!


Matt Hollingsworth said...

Ah yes, but I am returning home in early/mid August. Right around the time that Zagreb empties out is when I am coming back. We timed it that way on purpose. I like Zagreb when it's the middle of August. Nice and quiet.

Jason Porath said...

I leave you alone for one second, and what do you do? Go off and get engaged. Well, I hope you're happy with yourself!

In all seriousness, congrats -- both on that, and on the Harvey nom. I have to come visit.