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Friday, June 13, 2008

My hangover has faded a bit. If you live in Croatia, then I'm guessing you were out partying last night too.

I went to the center to meet some friends for a drink up. While I had not really planned it that way, it so happens that we were meeting up after a UEFA EURO 2008 game between Germany and Croatia. I've been rabid about watching all of these games and have really been enjoying it. I watched the game, which was a great game. Croatia beat Germany 2-1. And not only that, but they beat Germany solidly. Croatia played extremely well. It was an exciting game to watch too. Very lively and a lot of fun. And for those of us in Croatia, very satisfying. The coach, Slaven Bilić is very popular here. I like him. And it's nice to see the team, as lead by him, doing well in these games. To me, it's an indication that he should be sticking around as coach as we head into the World Cup qualifying season, for the 2010 World Cup. And it's also nice to see Croatia playing well considering that some English player broke the leg of one of the lead players, Eduardo Da Silva. Da Silva is a goal scorer, so when he was injured, it was a major concern for this tournament. It's nice to see the other players stepping up and doing so well.

Of course, Zagreb was crazy last night. Everyone was decked out in the Croatian red and white checkers. And it seemed like the entire town was out partying. We sat outside near Bulldog and groups were wandering around singing and happy. It was a nice environment.

Now let's hope they keep it up. If they win first place in their group, which is very possible, then whoever is second will have to face Portugal next. Let's hope that's not Croatia.

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