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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today I found out I'm nominated for a Harvey Award for best colorist. The Harveys are big, maybe the second biggest awards in American comics, behind the Eisners. Unlike the Eisners, though, voting on the Harveys is strictly limited to people who work on comics as part of the professional team that produces the comics. Editors, writers, artists, letterers, color artists and others can vote. It's not open to voting by fans or retailers like some other awards. So I guess it's sort of the Golden Globes of comics.

Anyway, it's a big honor. This is my 6th nomination for a Harvey Award, but I have never won this particular award. So wish me luck! And if you're a pro, vote for me if you're so inclined!

The Harvey Awards


Marc Hudgins said...

Grats Matt!

If you want to come to Baltimore to get it, you're welcome to stay with us. We're 30 minutes from downtown.

Declan Shalvey said...

Congrats Matt! I really hope you win it this time. Gonna look into voting.

Have a great time on your holdays too, give Nara a hug from me.


Li'l Jen said...

You know I'll be voting for you!! :) :) You deserve it!!!!!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

Li'l Jen said...

I totally voted for you!! ;-) If you need someone to accept for you, let me know! ;-) hehe