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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I ask all of my fellow Obama supporters today to not gloat. I ask that you not kick the Republicans while they are down. Extend a warm hand in their direction and draw them into the process of governance that will follow. Their party will have a lot of soul searching to do in these next 2 years at least. And by extending our friendship to them we can not only have a more unified country filled with far less vitriol and hatred, but we can help draw some of them to the Democrat party. And we can also help them shape the new foundation of their party that will have to be built. Engage any of your Republican or conservative friends in conversation.

Our long national nightmare is over. But don't use this as a chance for revenge. We're above that. Use this as a chance to reshape the dialog in our country. In doing so maybe we can get rid of all the spite and hatred that has rocked our political world since 1992.

A man can hope. And as we've seen, sometimes that hope is fulfilled.


Dom said...

Know what? I can dig that, man. I got this little idea that I should call up some of my conservative friends and gloat- then, I realized that it wouldn't really do me or them any good. We all are going to have the same president, and I would have hated it, had they called me about McCain.

So, you're an excellent comic colorist -and- have awesome ideas. Sweet. :)

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah. I would have been really down if McCain would have won and wouldn't have appreciated any gloating. And besides, maybe we can change the dialog. I vote for a "post partisan" debate where we don't revile each other so much as we have since 1992.

Škrky said...

Good lecturing yesterday, man.