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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I recently started collecting foreign currency. There's an antique market here on Sundays and I go there once in a while and buy stuff from a guy there who has tons of money from all over. No, I have not visited all of these places. I like the art on them and the view into the culture of where they come from. It's fascinating to me.

Click the image below to view money from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Iran, India and Montenegro.

Foreign Currency


Jennifer Juniper said...

I collect money too! Usually only from where I've been, but I've got some from Italy, Sweden & Norway from friends. I have more coins than paper, though. I was so pissed when the Euro started because it ruined this really cool part of all these cultures. I'm glad I got to Germany and France in time.

I've got a couple Russian coins, but no paper... If you see any more, would you be able to get some for me? I'll pay for it, of course!!! I love Russian things...mainly because I can read it! :-P

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, sure. I'll watch for Russian money for you.