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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tales of Croatia. Part Twelve.

Entire story takes place from late May to late June in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Omiš, Split, Vodice
and Tribunj, Croatia, as well as Slovenia.

Continued from part eleven...

To recap; I'd spent about three weeks in Zagreb. Sasho Maleev joined us and we flew SouthEast to Dubrovnik, hanging out there for three days. We then rented a car and drove north to a small fishing village called Tribunj.

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We got burek to eat, with yogurt and got in the car and drove South, to Split. We saw a Roman Aqueduct in Split, alongside the highway. The city itself has a large area enclosed in an old walled Roman town.


Very old buildings, and the world's oldest (1800 years old, Esad tells me) Cathedral. The inside was ornate as one would expect. The old doors were there, intricately carved with many religious images twisting in the wood. The cathedral went up very high indeed, more and more narrow as it went up. Sasho and I climbed up the bell tower, maybe ten or 15 floors up. We went into the tombs. They were selling candles outside, so I bought one. Inside, near one of the alcoves, was a metal framed candle holding stand for maybe 50 candles and a few were burning. I stuck mine on a pike and lit it in honor of the woman who had killed herself, to honor her in her belief system, as a catholic would. Or so I assumed, as I'm ignorant.

Sasho and me, up at the top of the bell tower in Split.

We went for a beer, decided to grab lunch and walked towards the car watching for a restaurant. We came upon a place in a side alley. The signage in Croatia is very poorly designed, and it was a cheesy sign, but the restaurant was really great. We had more fabulous seafood, the usual suspects. Great stuff. And the environment of the restaurant, seated outside amongst a garden, was very tranquil and comfortable.

The view at the restaurant.

Sasho and Esad at the restaurant in Split.

End of Part Twelve

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