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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Okay, so nothing really too exciting, but wanted to show people my apartment in Zagreb so they can see my living situation. Some pics may seem strange as I zoom in on fixtures and such, but this it to show people who have no traveled and have not seen different electrical or door knobs or whatever. The apartment is pretty nice. The floor is tile and the heat is beneath the floor, so on cold nights, the heat is turned up and the floor gets nice and warm. Pretty great. Shower's a bit small and no bath tub, so no bubble baths, Marica!

Bathroom. This is a radiator sorta thing. It heats up and you can hang clothes on it or towels to dry.

Bathroom. This is the water heater cabinet. Seems to be the furnace too.

Front door area. The phone is the buzzer to let people in the downstairs door.

Currently working on the kitchen table, but there's a desk in the bedroom that I may move out to the living room to work on. Bedroom is for sleeping, not working, so not gonna work in there.

The door here leads out to a tiny deck outside.

The cabinet furthest back is actually the fridge.

Hukwe kitty!

What electrical plugs look like here.

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