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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tales of Croatia. Part Thirteen.

Entire story takes place from late May to late June in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Omiš, Split, Vodice
and Tribunj, Croatia, as well as Slovenia.

Continued from part twelve...

To recap; I'd spent about three weeks in Zagreb. Sasho Maleev joined us and we flew SouthEast to Dubrovnik, hanging out there for three days. We then rented a car and drove north to a small fishing village called Tribunj.

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Krka National Park.

After that, we headed back North, to Krka National Park, to visit the waterfalls. The waterfalls were the site of the second waterfall based power plant, after Niagara Falls, having flipped their switch maybe a day later. Something like that. Beautiful place.

They have a nice wood walking path, raised above the water all through the marshy lands. There were little bright blue, iridescent dragon fly like bugs all over the place.

Esad gives me love.

After this, we headed back North to Tribunj and went to the cafe again. We had food there that night, watching the World Cup and eating more fish. Their catch of the day was some kind of smaller fish. Not as small as sardines, but not much bigger either. Breaded and fried. Nice. We'd pop them in half, remove the bones and eat them. Calamari, fries, fish, bread, olive oil and beer. We didn't go too crazy that night, just drank out there by the water in Tribunj, chatting, listening to the donkeys and watching the fish swim around.

I like this one of Sasho.

The next day, we headed home to Zagreb, an uneventful drive. I slept a bit. I left Zagreb two days later to return to Southern California, sad and not at all ready to leave. I hope to move to Zagreb in the fall sometime, if my permit for residency goes through. Thanks to Esad for hosting so graciously, and to Sasho, for joining us in our travel fun.

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