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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tales of Croatia. Part Eleven.

Entire story takes place from late May to late June in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Omiš, Split, Vodice
and Tribunj, Croatia, as well as Slovenia.

Continued from part ten...

To recap; I'd spent about three weeks in Zagreb. Sasho Maleev joined us and we flew SouthEast to Dubrovnik, hanging out there for three days. We then rented a car and drove north to a small fishing village called Tribunj.

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The beach in Tribunj.

We woke, grabbed some burek for breakfast along with yogurt, and walked north to see the beach. The path wound around to this beach with a lot of concrete and rock platforms to lay on. We continued around the bend and went up a hill for a view. Nice area.

Tribunj beach areas.

We walked all the way back and then headed south, all the way to Vodice. We went to a cafe and met some of Esad's friends from Zagreb and joined them for some waters. They own a house on an island just offshore here, called Prvić. They invited us to join them later for dinner. They went back to the island with their groceries and we went off for some beers. We went to the beach to swim a bit. The sea here has these little black sea urchin thingies that sting you, or more like they break off in your feet. The poison doesn't kill you, but it fucks you up a bit. So, I wore my Teva's in when I swam and no trouble.

Esad and Sasho on the ferry.

The ferry came and we boarded. The guy said we were too late for tickets and happily accepted our bribe, letting us board.

Esad can fly.

Tribunj, Vodice and Prvić

The island was only maybe a couple of kilometers offshore, not very far at all. Inhabited, but tiny. No cars at all. A tiny dying village, where the young people are moving away and the populace is leaving. Or, people own the homes as vacation places and are only there during summer, for weeks at a time.

Prvić, pronounced 'Per-Veech'.

Esad's friends took us to their place, which they'd renovated. It was a nice, tiny, stone house. Very comfy. The girl cooked us pork chops which were very tasty and juicy. We sat, drank beers and shared humor, returning home after a couple of hours.

The view from the house in Prvić.


Many houses on Prvić are abandoned and overgrown with plants. They're still owned, just not lived in currently.

Sasho on Prvić

Esad on the dock on Prvić.

We went back to Tribunj and the cafe and drank beers. Our group grew with new people joining us and we had a proper partying group. The girls in the group wanted to go dancing, so Esad and I went to a dance club with them and Sasho went back to sleep. The club was along the water, and packed. Lotsa loud music and hot, sweaty air. Drank and drank, danced and danced. And danced. And drank. After hours of this, I'd eventually had enough to drink. Going outside for air, I got the hiccups and began cursing at passersby as Esad tried to get me to shut up. I was too drunk. Ack! Off to sleep.

The cafe in Tribunj.

I slept a bit later than the others, joining them at the cafe. I saw the same waiter from the night before. He'd been at the dance club with us as well, drinking late into the night. I asked how he was holding up. He answered he was a bit tired but doing fine. Raising a bottle of beer and taking a drink, he said he was still going, was still drunk and had not gone to sleep at all. Nice.

End of Part Eleven.

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