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Monday, December 25, 2006

On Christmas Eve, one of our local hangouts, Smart Caffe, got a permit to stay open until 6AM. So, naturally, everyone went there to party and madness ensued. Not everyone is pictured. Čiro and his lovely wife Selma hosted with the help of many folks chipping in to grab beers for everyone. Thanks to everyone for a good time. Nina was ready to keep going, but around 4:15AM or so, Esad and I were toast and headed home. My girlfriend, Nara, is visiting family at home in another town, so sadly she wasn't there.

Domagoj after a nose kiss from Esad.

Selma puts lipstick on Esad.


Esad and Nina. Nina and Selma are sisters.

Selma and Esad.

Yes, that is sweat in Esad's armpit.


Juraja and Tea.



When midnight struck and it was Christmas, everyone freaked out and started dancing on the chairs.

Esad Claus.

Me and Nina.

Tomislav's girlfriend, who's name I forgot, puts even more lipstick on Esad. Esad was going around kissing everyone, leaving lipmarks on their necks, faces, heads etc.

Tomislav, Bruce, Niko, Esad and crowd.

More Esad and Selma.

Nina, Esad and Selma getting down.

Nina and me again.

Nina and Tomislav with girl who's name I forgot. Ack!

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