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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Esad, Nara, Marko and I went to a rock show last night in nearby Vrapče and saw some of the locals there, including our pal Nina and also Milko, the keyboardist from Hladno Pivo.

I took the chance to test my new cell phone's camera. So so, but then I have not used it before to adjust the settings.

The band playing, with a girl dancing onstage.

I took another shot in the bathroom. Heh heh.

Velebitsko pivo.

That's Velebitsko Pivo, the best beer in Croatia without question. It's far superior to everything here. If you doubt it, round up a bottle and compare. It's the equivalent of a craft or micro brewed beer in the States; it's produced by a small brewery rather than some multinational corporation. It's a lager, but the flavor reminds me more of a malty Alt Bier, or Anchor Steam. Or even one of those malty Czech lagers like Krušovice.

Lovely lovely, Velebitsko Pivo. Tamno i svijetlo, dark and light.

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