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Monday, April 09, 2007

On the Saturday before Easter, I had a nice, lazy day.

Nara and I slept in, lazily, then had a slow morning. Early in the afternoon, I walked her to the train. She went to her home town to hang out for a long weekend with her family. I met Esad for coffee outside at a local cafe. It was like summer and I wore shorts and a T shirt and sandals. Nice!

Esad's new apartment.

Esad invited me to come out to Zaprešić, which is where his new apartment is. He bought this place while it was being built, and they recently finished it. The area is not fully populated yet as they're still finishing the building. Downstairs are spots for some stores and cafe's, but they're also still being worked on.

The view from his deck looking to the right.

The view, looking to the left.

Work area.

Esad at his new front door.

Esad's building is further back here on the right.

Zaprešić is a 20 minute bus ride from Gajnice, where I live. It's further from the center and is around the other side of the mountain in the north of Zagreb. So, if you've seen any of my pics in the hills of Gajnice, Zaprešić is on the other side of that same area. It's not old like Samobor, but is near there too. Samobor is on the other side of the river Sava, to the South West. The infrastructure of Zaprešić is all new and reliable, but the town itself lacks the flavor of Samobor. It's nice, though, and the building Esad is in is really well made and roomie. So, it has it's benefits.

Near the apartment, walking to Trajbar.

The forest near Trajbar.

Anyway, we took the bus there and walked around a bit. We wandered to a restaurant near where Esad lives called Trajbar. It's a horse ranch of some sort, the kind of place where they have horse shows with jumping and that sort of thing.


It's near some forested area and is very green, and they have an outdoor deck. So we had a leisurely lunch outside in the warm spring weather. The trees were brown and leafless a few weeks ago, but spring has really sprung now and everything is much more lush and green. It was a nice, lazy afternoon.

Esad at lunch at Trajbar.

Me, working on my beer gut. Not angry, though you can't tell!

Our lunches.

Sunset in the forest.

Later, we made our way to Gajnice for some drinking, but that's for the next blog entry.


normandie said...

Yay for the Apple Powerbook!

Have you and Esad been friends for a long time?

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, he just got that computer recently. It's pretty nice.

Yes, Esad and I have been friends for 9 years now. I met him and Edvin Biuković at the San Diego Comicon in 1998.

Randy said...

Funny, So far away - yet, the photos
look as if you could be right here
in Washington state! Great photos again - what kind of camera are you using?


Randy said...

The photo of your lunches - is that Gnocchi on the plate centered?


Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, the forest here isn't that different except the occasional plant you don't recognize. Or a different bird.

The camera is a Sony Cyber Shot DSC H2.

It's pretty good for automatic settings. I'm not a photo guy and don't like messing with cameras. I like to just point and shoot and it does decently well for that kind of thing.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Yeah, that's gnocchi. We had a starter of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes that was great, then some soup. I had a creamy mushroom soup, Esad a beer soup. Then these came out. Don't remember what meat Esad had. Mine was young beef with ham in a creamy mushroom sauce and the gnocchi. Tasty stuff but I couldn't finish it. Just too much.