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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I order pizza and take out from the local place, PJ's, here in Gajnice on a fairly regular basis. They make very tasty food, so it's a nice option on a lazy night. And a large pizza is 34 Kuna, or, currently, $6.12. That's not bad!

Anyway, the routine is the same. I call and attempt to order in Croatian, as they speak no English. The pizza tonight had rajčica (tomato), sir (cheese), šunka (ham), kiselo vrhnje (sour cream, the only unusual topping by American standards), pršut (proscuitto) and slatki feferoni (sweet pepper).

The conversation usually goes like this:

"Dobra večer. Izvolite." (Good evening. Can I help you? (izvolite can mean many things, it's one of those words.))

"Dobra večer. Mogu li naručiti pizza?" (Good evening. May I order a pizza?)

"Da." (Yes.)

"Ja bih PJ jedan, velika, i to je to." (I would like a PJ one, large, and that is all."

"PJ jedan, velika. Adresa?" (PJ one, large. Address?)

And I tell him my address.

He says:

"Kod Zednik?" (At Zednik's?, which is the Croatian name on the door.)


They know me, so once I say the address, they know it's me. And if I fuck up the language, they know earlier than that. But I usually do okay.

Tasty pizza.


Randy said...

Matt! I had pizza tonight also. Mine only cost $5.55 and I got it right here at Little Caesars in Seattle!
I enjoy your Blog - the photos are great! Keep it up!
Cousin Randy
Seattle, Wa

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Hey cousin! You're in Seattle now??? I like it there. I was in Portland for 9 years.

As for pizza, Little Caesars pizza's are made by robots working for SkyNet, though. The one's here are made by humans.

Randy said...

THere is a definite Skynet presence here as the mothership Starbucks and Boeing fleet call Seattle home. Your pizza looked traditional and good! Do they do any thicker crust at all?
The green vegetable you photographed looked like Butter lettuce. It sounded good and simply prepared. I am enjoying the photos! the one of the flowers blooming is a great shot!
I just read Daredevil #95 - Looks sharp!
Take care -

Matt Hollingsworth said...

They usually have this kind of crust. But one place makes really thin crust which is the best pizza I've had in this entire country. They're not near here, unfortunately. It's more Italian style there.

Thanks for the kind words. You have a blog? I don't see one on your profile.