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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So, here's what the exterior area of the apartment looks like. This shows my building and the surrounding area in Gajnice, in the West of Zagreb.

My apartment is on the lower floor here on the left corner, with the little deck.

My apartment extends the length of the building here on the side. ON the front, it extends to that little window, which is the bathroom window.

This is the park about a block away from the apartment. Rafaelo, the cafe we hang out all the time is across this park from my apartment, not very far.

This is across from my apartment.

Kuglana, a pizza place, is here on the left, across the street from my apartment. There's also a supermarket called Konzum in that complex, and a meat and farmer's market.

Looking out through the doors onto the deck and outside.

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Matt Camp said...

It looks like City17 from Half-Life 2. Hope you're in New York this year.