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Thursday, December 14, 2006

About a week ago, I took the camera out and took a walk around my neighborhood here in Zagreb. The neighborhood is called Gajnice. It's a very quiet area and is not as heavily populated as the center area.

The park very near my apartment.

Zagreb Dinamo is the local football team.

Smart Cafe, one of our hangouts.

Čiro, the owner of Smart Cafe.

You must know Esad by now.

An old abandoned police station in Gajnice.

This is a Chinese restaurant that we go to all the time.

We came here one night when it was stormy and very windy outside.
The wind got into the attic and built some pressure up.
And when we were standing there, the ceiling caved in on us,
with those tiles hitting me in the head.

My friend Danijela, with Niko in the background.
I often call her Paula as she drinks Paulaner.
She calls me Žujo, after the beer I drink, Ožujsko.

We're at Rafaelo here. The guy behind Esad's ear is named Boris, but looks like Jesus, so I call him Isus Yeltsin.

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