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Sunday, May 11, 2008

And now, continuing with more pictures from MAfest 2007. You can see that we had a lot of fun. The same group is featured again, noticeably with Diego Garcia leaning back pretty fucking far in that first picture and Misch looking all Cuban, smoking a cigar while wearing the flag of the Netherlands.

Our routine was to sleep in a bit. Everyone would be lounging around the pool, so we'd meet up there, have some coffee and enjoy being outside by the sea. I'd usually manage to lure a few people into the sea, which was pretty cold at this point. We had Bura the first day, the cold wind from the north, so the sea was chilled down for a day or two. But we still went in. We'd then go grab some lunch at some place on the seafront in Baška Voda where we were staying, a little north of Makarska. Baška Voda is a little town and is quiet. Makarska is much louder and larger and bustling. Though it's nice, it's also nice to actually stay outside of town to have some quiet and enjoy the sea.

That said, we had a pretty hard time every night finding a way back to the hotel. Taxis were no longer running by our 3AM to 5AM returning home time. We lucked out each time, but it was a real struggle that was very lame.

The show itself was pretty nice, though it's the smallest comics show I've ever been to. It was a nice venue surrounded by plants and the occasional drunk guy wandering the streets. Part of the show was outside. People sat at tables out there having coffee and beer and artists did sketches and mingled with the fans. It's a good show to see the artists at as you can approach them easily. Giulia and I did a talk about our jobs as colorists, answering questions about what we do and generally laying out what our job entails.

One of the days when we were wandering around in Makarska we came across a Havaianas shop. They make sandals. And Nara had made some custom sandals and display stuff for a fashion show in Zagreb for that same company. They had Nara's stuff on display at this shop in Makarska! What a coincidence! You can see in the photos her various offerings. It was pretty cool to come across randomly like that.

Eventually we'd head over to the book store cafe near the church. It's just down from the show and has a nice little outdoor terrace to sit at. I drank a bunch of Laško pivo and we smoked some cigars that I brought.

More photos to follow soon...

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