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Friday, May 09, 2008

Wow, I've been tired for the last two or three days.

I've been working for 14 or so hours a day for about the last week. But it doesn't seem to be that. Maybe it's the weather. Croatia is the only place I've lived where the weather can make you tired. Not sure exactly what it IS in the weather that does this. Pressure? Sometimes it's Jugo, the winds from the south. But there's not Jugo right now, or doesn't seem to be.

So, what is it? Anybody who lives here know? Do we have some weird weather phenomenon right now making me tired? Or maybe it's just all the work.

Incidentally, I will be attending MA Fest in Makarska, Croatia, next week. I will leave with Talaja and Esad on Thursday. It's a little comic show right on the beautiful Adriatic coast. That's one of the reasons I'm working so many hours. I'm trying to catch up with work. But I also have a lot of work right now. And Goran Sudžuka's stuff (linked at the left) is especially slow for me. Still, it's coming out nice. My wrists have been hurting a bit because of the heavy hours though. I'll try to soak them in the sea and see if the magical salts help.

Now back to work.

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mcn said...

Re: spring fatigue - you're not the only one. One day last week all I had strength for was cleaning hundreds of surplus files from the computer.