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Saturday, May 10, 2008

With MA Fest in Makarska quickly approaching, I think it's finally time for me to post pictures from last year's show.

Our friends Diego Garcia and Giulia Brusco flew in to Zagreb to hang a few days. Diego stayed at our apartment and was a great guest, very curteous and a pleasure to have at our place. We then went to the show, where our gracious hosts offered us hotel rooms right on the sea. Very nice! We stayed in nearby Baska Voda.

We spent most of our nights drinking at Rokatansky, a local cafe/bar where many of the people affiliated with the show hung out. Esad spend the time being crazy, as usual. The pictures where his face looks all distorted look like that because he was shaking his face back and forth as fast as he could, so his cheeks were swinging around. Funny shit. And we all took turns using Giulia's hair as our own. I like Misch's best myself.

The stars of this little drama, on this post at least, are: Esad "The Barbarian" Ribić, Kresimir "Misch, The Cuban Mouse" Certić, Diego "The Trappist" Garcia, Giulia "The Red" Brusco, Dalibor "Đugro" Talajić, Me-Matt "Žujo" Hollingsworth, Branka "Nara" Nikolić, Goran "Đuka" Sudžuka and Bob "Bad Taste" Solanović.

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