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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stupid Microsoft!

I'm bummed today. And it's because of Microsoft.

I use(d) their software, Zune, for music. They have a monthly subscription, which gives you unlimited downloads of their music library. I was paying $15/month since December for this and LOVED it. I downloaded maybe 300 albums in that time and got a LOT of new music. Fantastic! The music only works while you have a subscription. That's the catch. But I didn't care. $15 is not much for unlimited music. If those albums were $10 a pop, which is not unusual, that's $3000. And I've paid for 5 months, so $75. Not bad.

But today, when I started up the software, it said "new software available, click to update". But, after updating the software, the new version now eats ALL of my CPU resources. I have a 2.4 gigahertz processor. This is enough. I am normally running Photoshop, Firefox, Open Office and XnView all at the same time without trouble. And I USED to also run Zune. But no more. This new version literally would tie up more than 90% of my processor at nearly ALL times. Which would mean that when I was typing an e-mail, it had a major lag. And so did Photoshop. I couldn't paint while I was waiting for it to do something. Ridiculous.

See these screencaps. The one with the processor used up to 100% is with Zune, the one at ZERO is without Zune.

Microsoft are idiots. They always do this. They try to add so much functionality that the software uses up all of your resources and no longer works. See Vista. Damned idiots. I even called tech support to see about downgrading, but no such luck. So, I promptly canceled my membership. Back to 300 less albums and iTunes, sadly. Oh well.

Fucking Microsoft.

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