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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The book that is replacing Iron Fist in my schedule has been announced in Philadelphia, at a comics show. So, I guess I can mention it now.

I will be coloring the five issue mini series Magneto: Testament for Marvel Comics. It covers the early years of Magneto's life, between the years of 1935 and 1945, when he was living in Poland and dealing with Nazi persecution.

Greg Pak is writing this series and Carmine Di Giandomenico is drawing it. The editorial team is Warren Simons and Alejandro Arbona, who I do most of my work with.

This will be an interesting job, allowing me to color with more real world colors and explore the gritty nature of World War 2. On a personal note, one set of my great Grandparents went to the States from Poland in the late 1800s. And one of my grandfathers died fighting against the Germans during World War 2. His family was 100% German and had moved to the States sometime earlier. He was German by blood but fought for the Americans against the Germans. He was wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans and died in a POW hospital only a few short weeks before the end of the war. It was another tragedy in a war filled with tragedies.

Anyway, I have some higher level of interest in this comic and will enjoy painting it. Check it out, won't you?

Here's a brief interview with the writer:


mcn said...

I was watching some stuff set in the 70s recently (Zodiac, probably) and wondered why it has to have the pale palette from the old 70s movies in order to have the feeling of the decade for us ... The same thing goes for WWII - if it's not desaturated it won't feel real. :)


Matt Hollingsworth said...

While I loved Zodiac, I know what you mean. I actually hate that. I was talking to Dzuka about that recently, that I don't think flashbacks should necessarily be sepia or black and white or limited palette. Same with period pieces. For instance, I'd rather see the grim reality of bright colors in a French field during a WW2 battle than some grays just because it's war and it's in the past (think Thin Red Line instead of Saving Private Ryan, for instance). That being said, we might have some winter scenes in Poland, which of course would be grey. We'll see what we have in the story. But I think that this limited palette thing for things set in the past is something people naturally think of that is perpetuated over and over in films and on TV. Like they didn't actually have colors in the past or something. To which I say, fuck that.