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Thursday, May 15, 2008

So, to recap, these are pictures from last year's MAfest in Makarska.

At night, we hung out mostly at Rokatansky, a nice little beer cafe with an outdoor area to sit in. We wandered around a bit to check out other places too, but what we encountered was mostly crappy dance places where the younger folks were going to presumably get laid, blasting really loud, crappy techno. So, Rokatansky it was! And we enjoyed that place. It was filled with other strange creatures such as us so we found it to be a great fit for us.

You can see the usual group here hamming it up, notably with Talaja milking his own tit. The first pictures here are of me, Diego Garcia and Esad Ribić at Rokatansky. The view of the sea at the end, with the pool, is the view from our hotel room in Baška Voda. The view looking up at the mountains with the guy on the beach and the hotel there; that's our hotel. And that's Talaja, as always, dancing around and having fun.

The 2 pictures towards the end in the cavernous restaurant are of the final dinner we had. Our hosts treated us to this amazing feast in this little restaurant that we basically took over. It was utterly fantastic. The wine was a domestic red (black) wine that was really very strong and tasty as hell. I couldn't drink enough of it. Loved it! And the food was served up course after course, presenting us with a very wide range of dishes over the course of hours. We had all sorts of different kinds of food representing a wide range of choices and all at the highest level of quality. Really, it's one of the best meals I've had in Croatia and in the top ten meals I've ever had. So, thanks to our hosts for EVERYTHING. We had a fantastic time.

We're leaving today to go to the 2008 edition. Come say hello if you see us. Buy us a beer, wouldya? I'll be the white boy over in the corner.

The next set of pictures to go up, sometime next week, will show the trip we took after Makarska last year. Giulia, Nara, Esad and I went to Hvar for 3 days afterward and enjoyed more sun, swimming, eating fish and relaxing. Nice!

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